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Are you Qualified for Rhinoplasty?

Dr Richard Arabitg - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

If an Orlando cosmetic surgeon believes that a patient is not medically or psychologically suited to a surgery, they may not carry out the procedure for preserving the health and safety of the patient. A total physical examination is also important, to make sure that the patient can withstand the effects of sedation, surgery, and recovery. An anesthesiologist can determine the safety of anesthesia use based on a patient’s lifestyle, health, and medical history. If you suffer from allergies to certain medications or anesthesias, if you have certain heart defects, if you smoke, if you are overweight, or if you are pregnant you may not be a candidate for surgery. It is important for surgeons to protect your health and safety above all else, so a full medical evaluation is necessary. It is also necessary to record the skin type, existing scars, and skin condition of the patient, along with the anatomical structures of the patient’s nose. A surgeon will take note of the angle at which the nose projects out from their face, the location and size of the nasal tissue and bone, the condition of the septum, the nasal valves, the nasal lining, the tip of the nose, and more. Sometimes, tests such as a mirror test or vasoconstriction exams can be performed to evaluate a patient before plastic surgery. The Cottle's maneuver can be performed to detect nasal valve disorders that will need to be corrected to encourage unobstructed breathing.


Dr Richard Arabitg - Monday, October 20, 2014
Aside from eliminating fine lines, a facelift eliminates loose, sagging skin on the face and neck, bags under the eyes, deep wrinkles, and even excess fat. Facelifts Orlando don’t involve large amounts of cutting and scarring; requiring incisions only made under the hairline. This allows for no visible scarring after the healing period. In order to make sure a facelift is right for you, Dr. Arabitg will conduct an evaluation of all personal health and family history, and analyze your face. This ensures safety during and after the procedure, as well as allowing him to help you determine your optimal results. In doing this, Dr. Arabitg’s goal is to provide safety, comfort, and an environment of open communication for his patients. By scheduling a consultation at Plastic Surgery Central Florida, you are securing your ability to ask any questions you may be curious about, and addressing all concerns that are causing you feelings of unease or stress. 

Why Dr. Richard Arabitg is One of the Best Orlando Cosmetic Surgeons!

Dr Richard Arabitg - Friday, October 17, 2014

At Plastic Surgery Central Florida, we understand that patients are looking to achieve a more fulfilling life, and our Orlando cosmetic surgeon is here to walk with you through every step of the way. Dr. Richard Arabitg is a trained professional with enough care and compassion to assist in comforting any patients' concerns. He has exceptional expertise in a variety of areas, such as body contouring, facial procedures to reverse the signs of aging, and correcting congenital or traumatic defects.  Dr. Arabitg’s raw talent and sharp eye for aesthetics let him give patients the best recommendation for surgery to achieve the results that they desire. He is always sensitive to clients wants and needs, and will never encourage or try to up-sell a patient on procedures that are not needed. 

Feel free to call our office at 407-674-1396 to schedule a consultation and find out more information!

Medications to Avoid Before and After Your Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Avoid two weeks before and three weeks after your Orlando cosmetic surgery!

Medications containing aspirin, anti-steroidal and all herbal medicines, as well as...


Alka Seltzer Tablets

Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine

Anacin Capsules/Tablets

APC Tablets with Codeine

Anacin Max Strength Capsules

Arthritis Pain Formula by Anacin





Aspirin Suppositories 

Bayer Aspirin

Bayer's Children's Cold Tablets

Bayer Time Release Aspirin

BC Powders

Buff-a-Comp Tabs



Butazolidin (Phenylbutazone)

This is NOT the full list of medications you should avoid.  For a complete list, or questions concerning what you shouldn't consume around the date of your plastic surgery procedure, please call 407-674-1396.

What to Look for When Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Richard Arabitg - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The first step to finding a good cosmetic surgeon is looking into their status in regards to board certification. The only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). If an Orlando cosmetic surgeon is not board certified by the ABPS, they may not be as well-trained and specialized in cosmetic surgery as a surgeon who is. In the medical field, most doctors are able to perform surgical procedures, but this does not mean they are qualified or even have any experience with such procedures. Another important aspect of choosing a surgeon is if they are a member of prestigious plastic surgery societies. If the surgeon has membership with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), they may be a much better candidate than a surgeon who does not. Membership to ASAPS ensures that a surgeon is both board certified, and has a wealth of experience with cosmetic procedures. ASAPS is an invitation-only society, consisting of the top cosmetic surgeons in the nation.

Post-Operative Instructions for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr Richard Arabitg - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Many rhinoplasty surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures at either hospitals or surgical centers. At Plastic Surgery Central Florida, Dr. Richard Arabitg performs all surgeries right in our office. An anesthesiologist is present before, during and after the time of the surgery. While rhinoplasty surgery is not usually a surgery that patients must be kept over night for, a means of transportation should be arranged for the patient after the surgery and it is recommended that somebody stay with the patient the first night. After the procedure, the patient should be on bed rest and have the head elevated on at least 2-3 pillows so that the face is at an upward angle. 

A patient should expect swelling and bruising of the nose, upper lip, cheeks and around the eyes for several days after the surgery. Using ice packs will help to minimize the length in time that the bruising will last. Some patients have found that using frozen bags of vegetables, such as a frozen bag of peas, works just as well. While there are many benefits to rhinoplasty surgery, there are also risks that come along with the procedure, just as there are many risks with any surgery. Some of the risks that come along with rhinoplasty are infection, reoccurring nosebleeds after surgery, scaring of the nose and surrounding areas, trouble breathing through the nose while healing, pain and swelling following surgery and numbness around the nose that will usually fade away as the nose heals. 

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the Cosmetic Surgery to Give You that Amazing Beach Body You've been Longing For

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Planning a summer vacation and ready to go out and enjoy the warm, Orlando weather? A popular Orlando cosmetic surgery to fill out those bathing suit bottoms, and take off the pounds from your waistline at the same time, is the world-renowned Brazilian butt lift! This procedure has become extremely popular over the years, bringing women sexy beach bodies across the world. With this procedure, Dr. Arabitg will take unwanted body fat from your abdomen and proportionately form a firm, rounded buttocks. 

Dr. Arabitg is present during all consultations, unlike most plastic surgeons, to ensure there is no miscommunication in regards to what look each individual patient is aiming for, and to also discuss any reservations you may have prior to the procedure. As surgery may be associated with medical risks, Plastic Surgery Central Florida employs top-of-the-line medical staff to ensure the best quality of care for their patients. During the consultation, Dr. Arabitg will listen to all of your wants and needs, as well as give you the opportunity to envision what your body could potentially look like. We utilize the latest technology, which allows our physicians to visually reproduce/transform your unique body on a computer. This allows Dr. Arabitg to create the unique physique you have been longing for. Thus, after your consult, you will leave with a physical image of what your beautiful enhanced body will look like. 

There Has Been a 37% Increase in Breast Augmentations in the Last 10 Years

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Breast augmentation is an Orlando cosmetic surgery involving enlargement and shaping of the breasts, through insertion of saline solution or silicone gel implants. At Plastic Surgery Central Florida, we know that women may decide to undergo a breast augmentation procedure for many reasons, but the result is always a remarkable improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem. Studies indicate that after an augmentation, women report enhancements in physical health, appearance, social life, and sexual function. Additionally, they reported lasting happiness with their breast implants. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery today. With over 290,000 women receiving implants per year, there has been a 37% increase in the last ten years.

The most frequent grounds for pursuing augmentation are for aesthetic reasons, reconstruction, or revision of previous cosmetic surgeries. When breast augmentations are pursued for reconstructive purposes, they are highly effective for correcting abnormalities, as a result of trauma, disease, or genetics. Implants can even improve one’s appearance after injuries, and surgeries such as mastectomies. When pursued for aesthetic or revision purposes, breast augmentations can be the best way to improve self-confidence and satisfaction with one’s body. After an unsatisfactory cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, breast augmentation can fix any previously unsatisfactory results. Aesthetically, breast augmentation results in dramatically improved feelings of satisfaction with one’s appearance and body.

Welcome to Plastic Surgery Central Florida

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

For those who desire a confidence boost in the form of a slimmer torso, fuller breasts, or wrinkle-free skin, Dr. Arabitg addresses his clients’ needs with sensitivity and compassion. Since an individual’s body image directly correlates to the physical state of the body itself, Dr. Arabitg first takes the time to familiarize himself with his patients’ aesthetic goals. He makes it a point to be present in every stage of the process from planning to recovery, and makes himself readily available for answering questions in person and online.


An Orlando native, Dr. Arabitg provides a uniquely personal experience for individuals through the medium of Orlando plastic surgery. He endeavors to understand a patient’s physical, emotional, and fiscal sensitivities, allowing him to achieve enviable results for any budget. Should a patient desire more than a standard abdominoplasty, Dr. Arabitg specializes in a wide array of procedures that are sure to satisfy. From facelifts to calf implants, Dr. Arabitg commits himself to making any procedure a fulfilling experience. Helping people love the way they look is his top priority. 

Tummy Tuck

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When exercise and diet are not enough to tackle unsightly or embarrassing stomach fat, Plastic Surgery Central Florida provides relief in the form of abdominoplasty. Also known as a “tummy tuck,” abdominoplasty is a procedure in which skin and fat are removed from the abdomen, resulting in a slimmer, contoured stomach with minimal scarring. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Arabitg, who's located in Orlando, FL, specializes in performing both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, such as abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast reduction surgery, rhinoplasty, etc.

Whether due to weight loss or childbirth, abdominoplasty allows for patients with excess skin or weakened stomach muscles to regain a firmer, thinner stomach. During the procedure, Dr. Arabitg makes several incisions so as to free, then tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. In the process, he trims the surrounding skin to fit the new figure. If conventional dieting and workout routines fail to minimize a sagging, lumpy, or protruding waistline, abdominoplasty is a reliable option for people whose muscles have been stretched beyond keeping elasticity. For those whose navels are the product of heredity, aging, or a combination of the above, abdominoplasty provides a lasting solution to a frustrating, lingering problem. Overall, it takes Dr. Arabtig a matter of hours to reverse what took years to appear and accumulate.

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