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Cosmetic Surgery Orlando

Your Alternative to One-Size-Fits-All Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Centers

Dr Richard Arabitg - Friday, April 25, 2014

Our staff understands that safety and satisfaction are the two most important concerns when undergoing surgery, so we provide patients with the knowledge to handle any and every aspect of their procedure. Pursuing Orlando plastic surgery is a serious and important decision, so we encourage patients to be fully aware of all the pros and cons, as well as any risks associated with the cosmetic surgery. Many plastic surgery centers use standard, fixed approaches that do not cater to the individual. Dr. Arabitg is a double board certified surgeon, and founded Plastic Surgery Central Florida as an alternative to impersonal, one-size-fits-all cosmetic and reconstructive surgery centers. He dedicates himself to the artistry and aesthetics involved in providing patients with the results they’re looking for.  Plastic Surgery Central Florida offers a wide array of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options, and we encourage you to view our website for more information on the various procedures we specialize in!

Some Pre-Operative Instructions

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1.  Nothing by mouth after midnight the night before surgery, not even water.  Take medicine with a small sip of water if you are instructed by the doctor to do so.  If you eat or drink after midnight your surgery will be cancelled.

2.  We kindly request that you bring only ONE person to drop you off and pick you up for your surgery.  All other friends, family and children are not permitted to stay or visit before, during or after surgery.  There are ample locations to shop and dine nearby to help pass time.  If you do not have a ride home your surgery will be cancelled.

3.  You may brush your teeth, however, do not swallow your rinse water.

4.  Take a shower or bath the morning of your plastic surgery.

5.  Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing; button up shirt or pajamas.  No jeans or sneakers.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to or following your cosmetic surgery, please call Plastic Surgery Central Florida at 407-674-1396!

Why Would Dr. Arabitg Recommend Rhinoplasty?

Dr Richard Arabitg - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rhinoplasty, or more commonly known as nose job surgery, is a procedure that enhances a patient’s facial harmony, and can also be used for correcting breathing issues caused by structural defects in the nose. One of the most common causes of breathing impairments is a deviated septum. A deviated septum is a condition in which the nasal septum is significantly off center, making it difficult to breath. Usually, people who have a deviated septum have a significant difference in size of their nasal passages. 

A person who is interested in having Orlando rhinoplasty would be attempting to correct some of the previously mentioned conditions, or are simply trying to enhance the appearance of their nose. Other benefits of rhinoplasty include: increased self-confidence, improved breathing, improved proportions of the nose, correcting an injury to the nose and straightening the bridge of the nose. The surgery itself is remarkably easy and not complex. The process of the surgery begins with an initial evaluation. In this first step the patients concerns are addressed, as well as any recommendations that Dr. Arabitg may have for the surgery. Usually, photographs are obtained to help with pre-operative planning and for documentation to be used for post-operative results. 

Breast Augmentations

Dr Richard Arabitg - Thursday, April 10, 2014

Breast augmentations have not been seen as taboo for many years, and are now more popular than ever. Women can pursue this procedure easily and conveniently, with a plethora of options available to them regarding size, shape, composition and more. There are a wide range of surgery centers and doctors to choose from, which can be confusing and overwhelming at times. With all the information available online, or in the media, people searching for answers may not ever find what they are looking for. Personalized care is crucial because each patient is unique. At Plastic Surgery Central Florida, Dr. Arabitg specializes in providing patients with safe and personalized care; he uses only high profile saline implants and emphasizes patient education above all else. Saline implants are composed of an FDA-approved sterile solution of salt water.  This solution is similar to one found naturally in the human body; therefore, saline implants result in a more realistic appearance. If ruptured, saline can be naturally absorbed by the body, and then expelled. It's not harmful for the body, which is why many surgeons rely on high profile saline implants as their first choice. Implants can either be placed under the breast tissue, above the major muscle of the chest, or under the major muscle of the chest. Each placement will result in a slightly different appearance. These options can all be fully discussed in a consultation with Dr. Arabitg.

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