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Is Shapewear Damaging Your Health?

Dr Richard Arabitg - Monday, October 30, 2017

Is Shapewear Damaging Your Health?


Fashion sense has advanced since the Victorian era, when cracked ribs and squashed internal organs were common among corset-wearing women, or has it? You may think the body shaping undergarments of today are harmless. After all, they must be okay. Plenty of people use them. However, research and common sense say otherwise.


Flatten any material, and it's clear that something has to happen to the displaced substance within. Rather than disappearing into thin air, body fat, once squeezed, is compressed and then pushes against your organs. The result can be stress incontinence, difficulty breathing, sweating, skin infections, nausea, heartburn, and the list could go on.


Disturbingly, some so-called experts encourage the use of Spanx and other disfiguring shapewear. Look closely, though, and you'll see they usually want to promote a product's usage to make money from you. Doctors and other healthcare professionals who have nothing to gain from pushing waist shapers and modern corsets are likely to tell you the truth.


You might be tempted to buy shapewear if everyone from your mother to the celebrities you admire put them on, but it's always best to think for yourself before doing something potentially harmful to your body. Doctors state that GERD, which is a condition wherein acids from your stomach shift up to your esophagus is relatively common among devotees of organ-squishing underwear.


Nonetheless, even knowing shapewear like waist shapers are bad for you might not stop you using them if you are desperate to lose weight. That is unless you understand they can't possibly reduce your body fat. They might squeeze your stomach so much you can't fit as much food in as usual. Also, they may make you sweat, in which case you might lose a little weight. However, you are strong and wise enough to take a more sensible route to a slim figure, aren't you?


Vigorous walking and playing with your kids or pet dog in the park can help you work up a sweat, and these activities are more fun than forcing yourself into restrictive garments. Likewise, eating a healthy diet, which means avoiding processed foods and sticking to mostly clean foods will promote health and a trim figure.


Is shapewear right for you? You decide. Based on the evidence, though, concluding ought to be simple. There's no shame in wanting to look terrific; everyone feels the same. However, you have choices about how to meet your aim, some of which are healthier than others.


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