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How Do You Know Your New Nose Will Look Right After Rhinoplasty?

Dr Richard Arabitg - Thursday, April 06, 2017

If you are a candidate for Rhinoplasty, before you can really address the question of “How will you know if your nose will look right on your face after rhinoplasty?” you first, must note a few things. According to doctors at RealSelf, before anyone takes the plunge for rhinoplasty, there are some important factors you need to recognize during the consideration process. Review this list, discuss it with your surgeon during consultation, and take to heart, that you will not look the same (RealSelf, Inc., 2017).


You should know that Rhinoplasty is virtually a painless procedure. If you are seeking a nose job in Orlando, be sure to Dr. Richard Arabitg, a plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL known for his skillset and profound work. He is a five-star surgeon, and will not perform any surgery he does not personally feel will improve the patient’s case by at least 95%. That said, you should know that there is no such thing as a perfect nose. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and that beholder, is you. Successful procedures like rhinoplasty aim to improve the look of the nose, whether the bridge has a bump on it, or the tip droops down, whatever the situation may be, rhinoplasty seeks to improve the look of the patient’s nose. However, for many, rhinoplasty is desired to improve the functionality of one’s nose. While rhinoplasty patients generally seek to change their appearance, it is essential that the functionality of the nose either remains intact, or improves. If there are any complications in breathing a few weeks post-surgery, consult with your surgeon to rectify that (RealSelf, Inc., 2017).


A surgeon can work wonders with a patient’s nose, improving the patient’s appearance a thousand-fold. However, a surgeon can only work within the realm of what currently exists to work with. What does that really mean? It means, that a surgeon cannot create a nose that looks like Angelina Jolie if he does not have the tissue to work with. It should also be considered that Angelina’s nose may not look good on your face with the current bone structure and lines of your face (RealSelf, Inc., 2017).


Something important for you to remember, is that for at least a week, you will be wearing a splint and additional bandaging on your nose. The splint is to ensure that the bones and tissue have minimal movement, so that the surgery will take; giving you the best results possible. So, don’t go making any plans to go out for a couple weeks. Even after the removal of all bandaging, you still may be a little swollen. So, if possible, avoid any dinner dates for a while (RealSelf, Inc., 2017).


Rhinoplasty sometimes will change a patient’s voice. Traditionally this is a temporary effect, and is due largely to swelling and inflammation. However, if your voice octave or tone has changed and persists longer than a couple months, consult your surgeon’s office to see if you need to schedule another follow up for evaluation (RealSelf, Inc., 2017).


Regardless of the age a person decides to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, people get used to looking at a certain face in the mirror. As with any plastic cosmetic surgery, your appearance changes. Some people experience psychological implications as a result of any dramatic physical changes in their appearance. Before the surgery, you should mentally prepare yourself for the change. A good practice and to speak affirmations about the change. Try not to have expectations for a specific look post-surgery. Preparing yourself mentally for dramatic changes in your physical appearance can help with the process. For most, this is not an issue, but the possibility is there, so best to be prepared. So, how do you know that your nose will look right on your face after rhinoplasty? Take the necessary time to think it over. If you need to, schedule multiple consults until you are certain. Today’s technology allows us to see what the surgeon can give you and what the goal post-surgery will be. These are realistic expectations, and accurate projections with the software they use in-office today. Dr. Arabitg believes in improving the quality of a patient’s life, so rest assure, he will see that through.




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