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​Considering Plastic Surgery? Ask These 5 Questions First

Dr Richard Arabitg - Thursday, May 17, 2018

Whether it's for cosmetic or medical reasons, plastic surgery will change your confidence and appearance. While you may be focused on the rewards of the procedure, plastic surgery does come with risks, which can be minimized by screening surgeons ahead of time. Ask these questions to determine how experienced a plastic surgeon is and increase your comfort and confidence before you go under the knife.


1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?


Any surgeon can offer plastic surgery services. Surgeons who are certified in plastic surgery have completed residencies in the discipline, passed written and oral exams, and received significant training in reconstruction and cosmetic plastic surgery.


Certification demonstrates that the doctor has extensive training in plastic surgery -- essentially, that they know what they are doing and can mitigate any complications that arise during the procedure. If you do not choose someone who is certified, you could have an adverse experience.


2. Will the surgery be performed in an accredited outpatient facility?


When delivered as a standalone service, plastic surgery is outpatient. Make sure the surgery will be performed in an outpatient facility that is accredited, since accredited sites have the equipment needed to treat medical emergencies. If something goes wrong during surgery and you aren't in an accredited facility, there may not be trained personnel or rescue equipment on hand to keep you safe.


3. What is your experience with this type of surgery?


Once you've found a plastic surgeon in Orlando Florida who is board certified, find out how much experience they have with the procedure you're getting, whether it's a face lift or a breast reduction. A qualified surgeon will be able to talk about their experience with you and provide proof of results, such as testimonials from satisfied clients or before and after photos.


Examine photos to get an idea of the results you can expect if you choose this surgeon. If you like what you see and feel a rapport with the surgeon, you have found a match for your plastic surgery.


4. What are the risks of this type of surgery?


Before you schedule your surgery, make sure you understand the risks, as well as the rewards. What complications could arise, and will these affect the results of the procedure?


When you know the risks, you can make an informed decision about whether you're ready for the procedure and whether you trust this surgeon to deliver the results you seek.


5. What is the recovery period like?


By asking about the recovery period up front, you can set realistic expectations for your healing, recovery, and the end results. You may learn that swelling after the surgery means your results won't be visible right away, for instance. This can reduce short-term disappointment that may arise.


Find out how much pain is typical in recovery, what type of care your surgeon recommends, and whether you will need follow-up visits after the surgery. Learn whether you will have physical restrictions after the procedure, which may require time off from work.


These questions help you set your expectations and understand the surgery ahead of time, while eliminating those surgeons who do not have the right experience. Talk to several surgeons before you make your final choice, then select someone who has a track record with the procedure you want and whose style of correction appeals to you.


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