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Full Body Lift: Reward Yourself After Your Significant Weight Loss

Dr Richard Arabitg - Saturday, March 11, 2017

For many of us, improving ourselves is a long journey; for most everyone really. Whether you have undergone surgery for your dramatic weight loss, or have done it the completely natural way, after a certain amount of time and weight, your skin can only regain so much elasticity. Which can be very disappointing for those that have had the weight loss. Nothing is more disappointing than losing a massive amount of weight and not having your body in clothing reflect that weight loss because of excess loose skin and stubborn fatty deposits. It is not uncommon for fat to deposit around the midsection after dramatic weight loss (Einstein Medical, 2015).


According to doctors, each patient must be treated individually because there are not any two bodies alike. That said, in most cases, liposuction alone will not deem the desired results if you have excess loose skin. Dr. Richard Arabitg, that performs plastic surgery in Orlando at Plastic Surgery Central Florida, commonly sees patients that have had the victory of massive weight loss, yet hardly reflect that. There is not any generalized answer to address which type of body lift in Orlando you should choose. What is essential, is that you feel confident in the doctor’s preference for your body. Here, we will provide you with the information on the various types of body lift procedures that are available to you (Einstein Medical, 2015).


Highly dependent on the location of the excess skin following your dramatic weight loss, patients can select to have an upper body, mid body, or lower body lift. However, as a body lift is a highly effective solution to the excess loose skin removal, it is very common for patients to have a full, or total body lift for the best aesthetic results. A total body lift gives the patient a complete body contour, ultimately putting the finishing touches on a well-deserved accomplishment during a self-improvement journey (Einstein Medical, 2015).


Lower Body Lift- A Lower body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy, is a very popular procedure after weight loss. One of the most common places of your body affected from weight loss is the lower half; thighs, hips, and the buttocks. A lower body lift does far more than remove the excess skin, it also lifts the buttocks, giving your body a more tightly contoured look and feel (Einstein Medical, 2015).


Mid Body Lift- The mid body lift, also known as Torsoplasty, addresses the excess skin and fatty deposits along the abdominal region. The Mid Body Lift, includes the areas addressed in the lower body lift in addition to the abdominal region. This is preferred by most patients because focusing on the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks together, leaves the patient post-surgery, with continuous smooth lines starting at the waist and on down (Einstein Medical, 2015).


Upper Body Lift- This procedure is not as commonly performed on its own. It addresses the areas of the breasts and arms. Most patients that seek to address these areas, tend to request the Total Body Lift.


Total/Full Body Lift- Total or Full Body Lifts are highly beneficial to patients that have undergone a massive amount of weight loss. Generally, patients see the loose skin all over their bodies once they have lost at least 50% of their peak weight (Einstein Medical, 2015).

A total body lift addresses the arms, breasts, abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Understand that this procedure is very complex, requires a proficient surgeon with the skillset and experience to gauge properly. Dr. Richard Arabitg has perform this procedure, and all body lift procedures, numerous times with great success. The recovery time for a more comprehensive procedure as the full body lift, is much longer, and should be taken into consideration. It is not unheard of, for a surgeon to do a full body lift in two or more sessions for an easier recovery (Einstein Medical, 2015).


Note: Dr. Arabitg must customize your procedure to fit your body style (apple, pear shape, etc.) for you to achieve the best results. His goal is the same as your goal: to achieve a rejuvenated, smooth, and trim appearance to finalize your body transformation. His expertise come highly requested, and know that he will not perform a procedure he does not believe will deem at least a 90% improvement rate for the patient.



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Beach Body Ready: The Brilliant Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Nothing beats being beach body ready for bikini season! You’ve worked hard all winter, watching what you ate, trying not to overindulge in those amazing foods over the holidays, and late night binging with your favorite reality TV show. But let’s face it, for some people…well, actually, for most people, no matter what you do, having that beautifully built derriere will not come to you no matter how many side lunges, squats, or dreadful burpees you do. That is just because most bodies are not built that way. Plastic Surgery Central Florida brings you the top of the line body cosmetic surgery in Orlando to get you ready for the beach.


So, who is a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? Well, Dr. Richard Arabitg, a cosmetic surgeon in Orlando at Plastic Surgery Central Florida, wants to bring to light who is a candidate for this procedure. Having the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done makes more of a difference than you may think. Firstly, almost anyone with excess fat on their body can be a candidate upon doctor approval for a Brazilian Butt Lift. This surgery is a fat transfer surgery that has much more effect on your body appearance than just adding definition and lifting your butt up (RealSelf, Inc., 2017). Since this procedure is done by collecting fat from around your body, your body will be contoured wherever the surgeon removes the excess fat from as well. To be a candidate, you must be able to endure the recovery time for this surgery. Because not just one area of your body will be operated on, you will be sore and affected in more than one place. Now typically, the surgeon will remove excess fat from the hips, abdomen, and thighs (RealSelf, Inc., 2017). This fat is removed by heavy suction, and then injected into the buttocks. The amount a fat needed to create the look you want, and to perform a safe surgery may leave you disappointed if your doctor tells you that you simply don’t have enough fat from your body to create what you want. When you do not have enough fat in your abdomen, thighs, and hips, then your doctor may take fat from other areas of your body if needed. People with plenty of fat around their waists and hips are prime candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift. With this procedure, your body will not only be toned in appearance, your body will be contoured. Generally, patient results deem a narrower waist line, smoother hips, thighs, and abdomen, and the beautiful rear-view of a tone and lifted backside (RealSelf, Inc., 2017).


Now that you know what the surgery includes, it is important to consider your downtime for post-surgical procedures. Like mentioned above, depending on your body, and how many places the surgeon must take fat from for the procedure, will determine your recovery time. The more places the fat is removed from, the more places and time it takes to heal. So, understand when reading this, it is a generalized statement about recovery times. You should expect bruising from all points in which the fat is harvested from, probably your abdomen, thighs, and hips. Many times, your surgeon will remove excess fat from around your buttocks as well to give you a more shapely and contoured rear-end. The amount of bruising and pain varies from patient to patient, as everyone is different and bodies react differently to surgical procedures. Typically, however, you can expect to be moving around in a couple of days. Now understand, moving around by no means suggests you can be operating a vehicle or going back to work. You will be managing pain initially with narcotic medication, and cannot be operating a vehicle during this time. Once your doctor recommends cease of the narcotics, you can treat your pain and discomfort with Tylenol (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2017). Your doctor will put you in a compression garment after surgery, and this is worn approximately for 8 weeks post-surgery. It is essential that you do not sit directly on your butt after surgery, not even when you are sleeping. The fat cells that were transplanted, need to stabilize, and only time can help this. Another thing essential to know, 40% of the fat transferred may not survive regardless of what you do post-surgery. You can expect to not return to your normal life activities for a couple months, depending on release from your doctor (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2017).




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Breast Reduction: A Big Cup Size Can Cause Big Back Pain

Dr Richard Arabitg - Monday, January 02, 2017

Dr. Richard Arabitg, a plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL, specializes in a variety of cosmetic surgery. One of his most prominent procedures is breast surgery in Orlando. The location is not the main reason why this area of cosmetic surgery is so prominent; some may think that living near the coast with warm weather requires you to be wearing a bathing suit year-round. However, that’s not the case. Most people immediately think that breast surgery is always about enlarging the breasts, this may come to a surprise, but more people than you realize are having breast reductions to improve their health.


Now, it is important to consult with a surgeon on this matter. In many cases, dependent on your policy, your insurance provider may cover the cost of a breast reduction surgery if having large breasts is the cause of other health issues. In some cases, your insurance may even cover a breast reduction surgery if your large breasts are simply complicating other issues but not causing them.


Something to consider: Weather you are interested in enhancing your breast size or having your size reduced, you still want to use a skilled and experienced surgeon. If a surgeon is well known like Dr. Arabitg for beautiful craftsmanship, you know that the results of your breast reduction will also look natural and aesthetically pleasing. So, if you’re considering a reduction, make sure you’re still choosing a leader in the industry.


The Relationship Between Back Pain and a Large Cup Size


As with lower back pain, upper back pain can occur when things on your body become disproportionate. Back pain is usually caused by strain. This strain can be the result of not standing properly, walking unbalanced, or unevenly due to compensating an injury, excess weight, the list can go on and a large portion of these factors are caused by one thing. That one thing is strain. When your body feels strain in your back, it is because of strain on your ligaments and muscles. This is generally caused by repetitive motions that are unnatural or improper, and poor posture. Have you ever noticed a family member, or someone that may have a beer gut? Notice the line of their back. It is usually quite sloped, and they most likely have poor posture. I bet if you asked them, they would tell you they have bouts with lower back pain too.


It shouldn’t be a surprise if you have upper back pain that your large breasts could be at the root of that pain. Now keep in mind, that a larger breast size traditionally affects the upper back; however, if you have poor posture because of your large breasts, you may be experiencing lower back pain as well. Have you ever noticed when you carry a heavy large purse on your shoulder just for a few hours, you will get an indention along your shoulder and collar bone line? Just imagine what repeat use of that heavy bag does to your neck muscles and upper back. Now apply the same visual to a woman having larger breasts. Pretty much anything over a D cup, the woman is very prone to poor posture and strain on their upper back. With women with a larger cup size, they don’t even need to strain at a desk for hours to be prone to pain. Many of you may relate to the purse analogy, because you have almost permanent indentions on your shoulders from your bra straps. If your bra straps are making indentions in your shoulders, you should speak to a doctor. Your cup size could be causing major damage. Research tells us that when you have a larger cup size, you need extra support from surrounding muscles to maintain the right spinal positioning. A heavier chest can actually change the spinal curvature, and even cause deformity. Younger women with larger breasts should take these factors seriously into consideration; especially if they have a larger cup size in teenage years already. Studies have found that women with much larger breasts at a young age and older, tend to stand hunched over to avoid the accentuation of their large breasts. This also adds to the bad posture and strain on the upper back. The upper back already has to support the chest and rib cage, to compensate for a much heavier chest, the body needs stronger back and neck muscles. If you are experiencing any level of back pain and have larger breasts, or if you have a larger cup size but do not notice any regular back pain yet, it is essential that you still speak with a doctor to be examined. There may already be damage even if you do not have chronic back pain (Everyday Health Media, LLC, 2017).




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Gynecomastia: One of The Many Services We Offer Here at Plastic Surgery Central Florida

Dr Richard Arabitg - Monday, December 19, 2016

What is Gynecomastia?


Gynecomastia is a condition in which a male’s testosterone level and estrogen level become imbalanced, thus causing enlarged breasts in the male. Many people may think that only women produce estrogen and men only produce testosterone, but the truth is, both sexes produce both hormones. There are number of reasons that this imbalance may occur, including but not limited to age. In fact, there are three different times in a male’s life cycle that it is most common for the occurrence of gynecomastia to develop. It happens in male infants, generally because of the fact that they were receiving higher estrogen levels while in the womb of the mother. The swollen breast tissue tends to subside within a few weeks after being born. However, sometimes it may take a bit longer for some infants. Gynecomastia also occurs in men experiencing puberty. This time of hormonal changes can wreak havoc on a young man’s body, and cause a great hormonal imbalance. This can usually go away on its own without medication or treatments within six months, however, it may last up to two years. It is highly dependent upon the individual’s personal puberty life cycle. The two previously mentioned conditions are less likely to be permanent, so at these ages, it is less likely that they need to be treated. However, it is commonly seen in men ages anywhere from 50 to 69, as men experience major hormonal changes during those years. Many men may notice numerous changes in their bodies as they approach this period. Most of these changes are due to their bodies producing less testosterone. It is not uncommon for your doctor to suggest testosterone shots on a weekly basis to increase the level of testosterone and balance out one’s hormones. But for many, they may begin to notice the swelling of breast tissue as they get older. It is essential to see a doctor when you notice swelling or experience pain. In some cases, men may experience a discharge coming from their nipples. If you are experiencing any of those things, even tenderness, you should schedule a consult with your doctor immediately (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2016).


Risk Factors


  • * Age
  • * Malnutrition
  • * Cirrhosis
  • * Hypogonadism
  • * Alcohol Abuse
  • * Drugs

** Numerous other conditions may cause Gynecomastia (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2016).




While there are multiple ways to treat gynecomastia, medication does not always rectify the excess swollen breast tissue. And while this may not necessarily propose a threat to one’s health, it definitely affects one’s lifestyle. In Orlando, cosmetic surgery is innovative, and surgeons like Dr. Richard Arabitg operate in principles with high patient satisfaction rates. Dr. Arabitg of Plastic Surgery Central Florida, will not perform a surgery he does not feel confident will deem a 95% improvement for the patient. How many surgeons would guarantee that kind of results? There are two ways to surgically address the condition of gynecomastia, one of which is liposuction. With liposuction, the surgeon will remove the excess swollen breast tissue the same way he would remove excess fatty tissue from other areas of the body. This procedure is routinely done, and not as uncommon in men as you would think. Liposuction for a man’s breast would most likely be a more affordable route to take. However, to achieve the desired results you are looking for, consulting with your doctor is best when deciding to proceed. Dr. Arabitg will know what route is best for you to achieve the results you want. He wants you, the patient, to be happy with the end result.


Another surgical treatment, and sometimes the best way, is a mastectomy. Unlike the liposuction procedure that only removes the breast fat, a mastectomy will remove the tissue from the breast gland. Even still, this procedure is a less invasive one as they often use an endoscopy to remove the gland tissue. This is traditionally done by making small incisions, and requires less recovery time (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2016).

It is important to feel good about the way you look, even in clothes. Take control of how you feel, schedule a consult today.




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Breast Implants: Plastic Surgery Central Florida Only Uses the Most Up-to-date Technology

Dr Richard Arabitg - Thursday, November 10, 2016

Evolution of Breast Implants


Cosmetic surgery in Orlando has seen quite the evolution. As technique and technology expand and evolve, surgeons like Dr. Richard Arabitg of Plastic Surgery Central Florida have had to continuously educate and expand their practices to stay up-to-date and competitive in the industry. While surgeons tried to meet the demand of enhancing a woman’s breasts, as early as the 1800’s, there was a plethora of trial and error. With vast experiments, doctors addressed symmetry issues to the desire for a larger breast size well into the 1950’s before the FDA approved anything solid (Thorpe, 2015). Fortunately for women today, techniques are aesthetically beautiful in addition to safe, tried and true products. Today, women’s breast implant options are wide, with a variety of shapes and sizes. This variety allows breast implants to be customizable to a degree that no pair look alike. The first official breast prosthesis implant surgery with a prosthesis filled with silicone gel was performed in 1962. Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow, along with the Dow Corning Corporation developed the prosthesis in 1961. Augmentation Mammoplasty was the beginning of another surgical evolution (, N.A.). The first model was popular, and surgeons learned better techniques and products through trial and error. Like earlier in history, we learned long-term effects on the body, and what was best for the future development of the surgery, and the products used in these surgeries.


Over the years, with great strides in technological advances, doctors like Dr. Richard Arabitg, a plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL, has evolved and continued education just as technology and techniques have. At Plastic Surgery Central Florida, Dr. Arabitg has made it essential to use the most up-to-date technology that can be used from during your consultation to during and post-surgery.


Technology Advances


Today breast implants are safer, and more natural looking. Believe it or not, in the 1800’s, doctors tried meeting the demand for larger breasts by injecting harmful foreign substances into the woman’s body; things as harmful as cobra venom (Thorpe, 2015). Not exactly worth the risks, huh? Fatal side effects, and in many cases, a total mastectomy was required in order to save a patient’s life. Today, there are far less complications from breast augmentations, at the same time, doctors are able to offer women a level of customization to give each woman a truly unique figure. Surgeons can actually offer you the opportunity for the best you possible versus just a cookie-cutter look.


Techniques have evolved over the years. There are multiple point-of-entry possibilities for women. Doctors used to only make an incision under the breast to insert the breast implant. Through the years, surgeons have perfected different placements of the implants to achieve a different look. The placement of the implant can also fit more appropriately with the different body types. Different practices for the point of entry for breast augmentations include going in through the nipple/areola. The surgeon would make a small incision around the line of the woman’s areola. This type of incision leaves the woman with a less visible scar than that of one under the breast. This incision can rarely be detected by the naked eye. Another, less practiced, and highly specialized technique, is to use a Proctoscope and the point of entry is through the belly button. Of course, this type of procedure requires a highly skilled surgeon. There are pros and cons that come with this point of entry technique. Firstly, having the benefits of the breast augmentation without having any visible scars is hugely why this technique is sought out by women. However, there are limitations that come with this chosen point of entry. While the bonus of this virtually invisible incision is great, plastic surgeons are limited with the variety of breast implants options. Traditionally, surgeons are limited to using only saline for the implant using this procedure. The surgeon also has less control over the pocket dissection. This can greatly affect the end result of how the breast implants sits within the breast area for the woman (RealSelf, 2016). Another point of entry used is through the armpit. Sometimes doctors must use this or under the breast in the crease because the patient’s areola area is too small for an incision for breast implants. The best way to find out which is best for your body type, is to schedule a consult and have Dr. Arabitg use the latest technology to show you what the new you can look like.




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Common Misconception: Plastic Surgery is Only for Women

Dr Richard Arabitg - Thursday, October 06, 2016

We are each uniquely made with our own imperfections, and having the desire for cosmetic plastic surgery does not necessarily mean we are looking to be anything other than the best version of us possible. And while we often think of women as the primary candidate for plastic surgery, having the desire to better yourself is not limited to women.


Men strive to better themselves across the globe, and things are not behind closed doors like they used to be.



In 2015 there were 15.9 million total cosmetic plastic surgical procedures. This number combines minimally invasive, surgical cosmetics, reconstructive surgeries, and both men and women. What you may not realize, is that the number of men seeking plastic surgery is on the rise, and has been for many years. Men are venturing outside of the box too. No more limits on the type of plastic surgery procedures men are having done, and they are having them done openly. It’s not just eyelid lifts and nose jobs, although those two procedures still remain among the top elected cosmetic surgery among men (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2016).



Orlando’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Aribitg can attest to the growing number of men seeking plastic surgery as a key ingredient in self-improvement. Men have become more comfortable about pursuing procedures such as butt lifts, butt implants, breast reduction, liposuction, chest and calf implants, and so on. The number of procedures that can be done for men is practically limitless, and men are finally realizing this and jumping on the cosmetic plastic surgery band wagon. And, why shouldn’t they? Women have been using plastic surgery as a go-to for self-improvement for decades, men deserve the same opportunities women have had in this effective boost in improvement.



Doctors are noticing more and more of men making up larger percentages of their total number of plastic surgery procedures. We live in a culture of wanting to stay young, fit, and flawless looking. Men in their forties are undergoing plastic surgery because they are looking for the woman in her late twenties to early thirties and they want to be attractive to them (Cosgrove-Mather, 2004). As the growing number of men make up for a percentage of overall plastic surgery procedures, men are also affecting the percentages by increasing the number of procedures for what was considered in the past as less mainstream procedures.



Plastic surgery in Orlando has seen a major increase in the variety of procedures being asked for by men. However, this is not centralized in Orlando, this is across the globe. And while these statistics are found all over the World, the United States leads the initiative because of its youth-craved culture. In places such as Florida and California we may see higher numbers because these states are coastal and the ever sought after beach body never goes out of season. You may also see higher numbers in places where celebrities tend to congregate, like New York. However, it’s not just the celebrities that are having these procedures done, men of all walks of life and professions are pursuing the route of cosmetic surgery to assist in their self-improvement efforts. According to an article by CBS, there are two main reasons that men seek out plastic surgery, and that is one, they wish to look younger, and the second, is that they seek to stay competitive in the workforce (Cosgrove-Mather, 2004). So in essence, that isn’t that different from the top reasons women seek plastic surgery.



With cosmetic surgery procedures being more common and affordable today, it is no surprise in the increase of patients. However, I believe that new technology has enabled surgeons to perform safer surgeries and procedures in addition to getting more effective results for their patients. Society also plays a major role in the increase in numbers. Acceptance is a great part of that. Not only are we a youth-driven society, we also are more accepting of people using plastic surgery, to improve themselves. We have seen dramatic increases in the past 15 years.


  • * Buttock lifts or Brazilian Butt Lifts- Have seen an increase of 252%
  • * Breast lifts- Have seen an increase of 89% since 2000
  • * Lower body lifts- These types of procedures are up 3,973% since the year 2000. It was almost unheard of 16 years ago.

Women have been doing it for decades, it’s about time men recognized they have this option too!





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Pre Op Preparations: What You Need To Know

Dr Richard Arabitg - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

   No matter what kind surgery you are planning to have, being prepared ahead of time can ensure a smoother recovery in addition to a smoother process overall by lowering your risks of complications. While most doctors’ offices will, of course, provide you with a list of traditional preparations, sometimes it can feel like you are walking blindly into an abyss of not knowing what to expect. You feel like you need to find someone that has had the same surgery as the one that you are going to go through just to gain the knowledge from their hindsight. That insightful information is what this article seeks to provide for you. This will help to best prepare you for an easier recovery process, after all, organization is a key factor in things going well. A prepared patient is a patient with less probability of complications. There are always necessary steps and measures to take pre-surgery.



Pre-Op Prep



Medications- It is essential to have full disclosure with your doctor about any medications you are currently taking. Most of the time, doctors will ask that you stop taking your current medications before surgery. For some medications, the doctor may require you halt your medication routine a week or more before surgery depending on how long the medication may take to get out of your system. So it is suggested that you discuss your current medication regimen with your doctor during initial consultation. If you have not already done this, contact your doctor immediately to make sure you are cleared for surgery. Some medications can cause serious risks.


Diet- Many surgeries require eliminating certain foods from your diet a week or so prior to surgery. In most cases 24-48 before surgery you may be instructed to only consume liquids, only white foods/liquids, or even fast. Discuss this thoroughly with your doctor prior to your surgery date to ensure you are meeting their requirements.


Materials/Supplies- Depending on your surgery, you may require special supplies for after your surgery. For breast augmentation in Orlando, Dr. Richard Arabitg of Plastic Surgery Central Florida always suggests that prior to surgery you go through your home to ensure a peaceful environment during your recovery process. This could mean gathering plenty of pillows and soft blankets to be readily available for you to remain as comfortable as possible during your recovery process. Prepare your home with foods and beverages in accordance with your post op instructed diet so you won’t have to run out to get any last minute things. When it comes time, having someone else to run those type of errands can be difficult to find.


Aftercare and Ride Home- Make sure you have a reliable driver for your ride home after your surgery. It may be smart to even have more than one person as a contingency plan. Life happens, and you are going to need a solid form of transportation home. Aftercare is also important. It is suggested that you have a reliable person you are close to on speed dial. This could be a friend, a spouse, or family; even a neighbor in case of an emergency. As a person who loves lists, I have always found a tangible list of emergency contacts and their numbers far more efficient than just a digital phone book alone. This is also a good idea just in case you have any emergency medical needs; you could have the list to give to anyone responding to your emergency.


Pet Care- While we love our pets as part of the family, sometimes it is just better to find someone to care for your pets while you are in recovery. Animals love us, and they want to be close when we are under the weather, it is in their nature. A dog or cat can easily trip you in addition take away from your rest as you care for them. It is best to direct all your attention on your recovery and nurturing yourself during this process. Before you know it, they will be back home where they belong.


Ask Questions/Research- It is important to get a good idea about the average recovery time for your surgery. This will allow you to assess if you need to contact your doctor. Find out what the possible complications are for the surgery itself in addition to possible post op complications. Ask about all the different options for anesthesia to aftercare during recovery. In most cases, your doctor will have a variety of suggestions for you to choose. Finding what best suits you is important to your ease of recovery.



   So if you’re planning on having cosmetic surgery in Orlando, Dr. Richard Arabitg of Plastic Surgery Central Florida recommends that you efficiently prepare yourself and your environment prior to your surgery date. Pre-Op Preparations play a significant role in a smoother recovery process.

The Best Time of the Year for Major Cosmetic Surgery: Fall & Winter

Dr Richard Arabitg - Monday, August 15, 2016

  Whenever you make up your mind on a significant decision like having major cosmetic surgery done, you want to expedite it right away. However, planning is essential in having fewer complications arise in addition to being ready in optimum time. If you’re like me, when it is swimsuit season and all the beautiful bodies start becoming less covered you tend to focus on what you’re looking at in the mirror. And if you make your mind up that you are going to do something about it, you want the results immediately. There are some major factors you want to consider when deciding on what time of year you are going to have the cosmetic work done.



Fall & Winter Seasons



  There are a number of reasons that Fall and Winter are the best times of the year for all major cosmetic surgery. For many procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and lifts, you want to be swimsuit ready. Immediately following these types of procedures, you are not going to want to be out in the open. While different people recovery and react differently to these types of procedures, it is a major surgical procedure and scars fade over time. If you were to have breast augmentation in Orlando, Dr. Richard Arabitg and his staff recommend giving yourself time to heal. Having your cosmetic surgery done in the Fall or Winter would prepare you for the Spring and Summer seasons without pressure. Having major surgery during bikini season can leave you feeling left out from all the summer fun in the sun. When you plan accordingly for surgery to be done in the “off season”, you would be good and ready for those pretty summer dresses and that eye catching new bathing suit! However, it goes beyond just being ready from an appearance perspective, it is recommended that you limit your sun exposure after surgery. Little to no sun exposure will allow your scars to heal faster not to mention that sun and heat exposure intensify side effects of your cosmetic surgery. The sun and heat exposure can increase swelling and increase the severity of scarring. The sun will make your scar darken, avoiding the sun can help lighten the hyperpigmentation of the surgical scars. That fact alone should deter you from wanting to be in the sun shortly following your surgery. If you have your major cosmetic work done in the cooler seasons, you are limiting the amount of heat you are exposed to in addition you will be primarily covered in clothing for most of the recovery duration (Deuber, 2014). If you are planning on having a facelift done, it is essential that you wear wide brimmed hats to keep yourself protected from any excess sun exposure. Most patients feel fairly well after a week or two post-surgery, but do not mistake that as being able to resume completely; you still need to be cautious of your surgical areas. You can ease back gradually into your normal lifestyle. It is also recommended that a safe amount of time to avoid or limit sun exposure post cosmetic surgery is up to one year. This lessens the severity of side effects as well allows optimum results for your cosmetic surgery. You are prone to sunburn following your cosmetic surgery in addition to the other side effects (The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, 2016).



  Dr. Richard Arabitg of Plastic Surgery Central Florida is a double board certified plastic surgeon in Orlando that comes highly recommended. Fluent in Spanish, servicing varied communities in Orlando, his office is even featured in New Beauty magazine. Dr. Arabitg suggests that his patients be prepared by taking the necessary measures both before and after their surgical procedures. By following guidelines and booking your surgery during the fall and winter months, as the weather warms up even more, you will be ready to shed some clothing and be the envy of the season!




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Facial and Hand Trauma: Known for its Complexity and Difficulty, and Dr. Arabitg Specializes in It

Dr Richard Arabitg - Sunday, July 10, 2016


Facial and hand trauma can be some of the most difficult corrective or reparative procedures to perform. Due to this extreme factor of difficulty, many surgeons stray away from them and lean towards less complex procedures. However, there are some — like Dr. Arabitg of Plastic Surgery Central Florida — that welcome challenge. Dr. Arabitg has been a surgeon for many years and one of his specialties happens to be facial and hand trauma related operations.


There are so many intricacies in the human hand; tiny bones, multiple joints, connecting ligaments, the list goes on and on. Traumatic events that occur within the hand can be devastating. No one truly knows the value of a single hand — heck even a single finger — until an accident happens.


Accidents happen every day. Car crashes, spilled drinks, trips, falls, so on and so forth. But what happens if one of those accidents leaves you with damage to one of your hands, or worse complete loss of function in your hand. This can be detrimental because your hands are so vitally important to every day functions. Shaking hands, opening doors, pressing buttons, these are just a few normal functions that we encounter every single day. Losing the ability to do any one of those actions can be severely troubling and upsetting.


Many people that have serious trauma to their hands turn to a great plastic surgeon in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Arabitg. Although many surgeons shy away from these procedures because of their difficulty, Dr. Arabitg actually specializes in these kinds of surgeries.


Dr. Arabitg — born and raised in Orlando, Florida — has been practicing cosmetic surgery for many years and has accumulated a vast amount of experience with cosmetic and reparative surgeries. Although many other surgeons stray away from facial reconstructive surgery and hand reparative surgery, Dr. Arabitg welcomes these challenges, especially when thinking about the damage the disability can create. Dr. Arabitg also loves giving back to his hometown, the town that raised him and made him the surgeon he is today.


Not only does he focus on hand trauma related procedures, but Dr. Arabitg also specializes in facial plastic surgery. Whether it is due to a disability a client was born with or a sustained injury, Dr. Arabitg pursues these bothersome problems relentlessly. He also understands the need for plastic surgery in some cases because his keen aesthetic eye can see the pain it causes in his patients. Facial injuries or deformities can cause many problems in someone’s confidence. It can cripple a man/woman, not allowing them to fully enjoy their lives because they are always worried about what others are thinking about them.


Well at Plastic Surgery Central Florida there is a doctor who truly cares. With his heart being deeply vested in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Arabitg enjoys giving back to his community in doing what he loves most; making miracles happen. Only his patients can truly understand the importance of the miracles he creates through plastic surgery. We all live in a society that is hypercritical about appearance and self-confidence, so it is of utmost importance to look and feel your best, but how do you do that if every time you look in mirror, you aren’t comfortable in your own skin?


That’s where Dr. Arabitg comes in. A caring plastic surgeon in Orlando, Florida that will give you back the confidence you’re searching for. The confidence to get back on your feet and accomplish those goals you’ve been putting off, the bravery to socialize and meet new people. Dr. Arabitg loves seeing his clients enjoy the results of successful surgery because he understands the impact of looking and feeling great.


So although some surgeons are scared to perform surgeries due to facial and hand trauma, look no further than Orlando, Florida for a surgeon that isn’t scared to give you back the confidence to feel great, or even just the ability to use something as vital as your hand. When looking into Orlando cosmetic surgery, look to Dr. Arabitg and trust that you are in good hands.


Get Rid of Razor Bumps and Hair Altogether, with Laser Hair Removal

Dr Richard Arabitg - Saturday, June 18, 2016

We have hair all over our bodies, whether we want it there or not! We aren’t given the choice to place hair here, take hair from there, but what if we did have that choice? What if you could choose to take away hair effectively and replace it with soft, smooth skin? Would you do it? Because I definitely would!


Welcome to the 21st century people! The era of aesthetics, beauty, perception, and consciousness. Everyone has those body parts and areas of doubt they are always self-conscious about; wondering what others think about them. Some people are self-conscious about their weight, some about their looks, but one area of concern that troubles a great deal of people is body hair. Whether it be on your bikini line, legs, arms, back, or wherever else you’re growing hair, those prickly hairs can be such a pain!


Now most people that don’t like something about themselves usually change it, that is if it’s even possible to change. Body hair isn’t too hard to get rid of, but it’s a great bother to keep it gone! Shaving is one way of getting the job done, but who wants to sit down for 30 minutes maintaining that soft, smooth skin? It is such a pain to lather up and use that dull razor to remove those prickles. There’s also the razor bumps, cuts, darkened skin, and plenty of other consequences of constantly shaving those areas that can be sensitive! Waxing is another option, but who wants to pay someone to spread hot wax on sensitive areas and rip away the hairs? Ouch!


There are, however, other options. Welcome to Orlando, Florida. Sunny as can be and hotter than you can imagine! So those pesky little hairs that eventually form your winter coat are not so necessary. Need help? Look no further than Plastic Surgery Central Florida, the one stop destination to remove those hairs so much more effectively than that old razor at home. Laser hair removal has been around for a while and is one of the most effective skin care treatments for removing hair and maintaining a smooth skin surface. Skin care treatments in Orlando have become more popular, especially since it’s so hot and also the perfect opportunity to show off those long tanned legs!


At Plastic Surgery Central Florida — the home of Dr. Arabitg — we facilitate laser hair removals for clients every day. These treatments are much more effective than shaving and it lasts so much longer! Laser hair removal is the most effective way to get rid of pesky hairs on bikini lines, legs, arms, back, and even your face! This is an amazing breakthrough for hair removal because the other options have terrible side effects! Painful, irritating, and time consuming are a few adjectives to describe older methods of hair removal, but laser treatments are quick, painless, and long lasting.


Now you might be wondering about price, but let’s point something else out as well. Laser hair removal can cost more at one time, but it lasts much longer than the other methods. Buying razors and lotions or getting wax treatments done can be costly over time, especially when you’re doing it every few days! Laser hair removal not only is more effective, safe, and comfortable, but it also keeps hair away for months at a time. No shaving or waxing methods can prove to be that effective.


Getting rid of razor bumps and hair altogether has never been so easy with laser hair removal. This quick and painless treatment is something many clients are choosing to do because of it’s amazing benefits and time-saving effectiveness. So the next time you’re thinking about picking up that razor or heading to the salon for a wax, just remember that you’ll be doing the same thing again shortly after. Instead of wasting time and money on those ineffective processes, turn to one of the top plastic surgeons in Orlando, Florida, and head into Plastic Surgery Central Florida to get laser hair removal!

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